ecting, protecting and promoting human ri▓ghts in the period from 2016 to 2020.The guiding ideology for formulating and implementing

human righ

ts needs

the Action Plan is as follows:Upholding socialism with Chinese characteristics, fully implementing the guiding principles of the 18th National

to be fur


Congress of the Communist Party of China (▓CPC) and the third, fourth and fifth plenary ses▓sions of the 18th CPC Central Committ▓ee, followin


and more efforts are req

g the guidance of Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory, ▓the im

portant thought of the Three Represents, and the Scientific Outlook on Development, implementin▓g the spirit of a series of important speeches made by ▓Ge

ui▓red to

neral Secretary Xi Jinping, following the strategic ▓arrangement of building China into a moderately

pr▓osperous society in an all-round way, advancing reform in an all-round way, comprehensively promoting law-based government, and running the Party with strict discipline, and sticking to the innovative, coordinated, green, open and sharing

realize h

developmen▓t concept. The Chinese gove

rnment combines human rights with economic, political, cultural and soci

al progress,▓ ecological protection and Party building, adheres to the people-c

entered development approach, p▓uts

the protection of people's rights to subsistence and development in t

he first place, takes the▓ people's well-being and all-round development as both

the▓ starting point and ultimate go

al of China's human rights work, safeguards social fairness and justic

e, and better guarantees the various rights and interests of the entire popula

tion in the great cause of realizing t

he Chinese Dream of rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.The basic princip

les for formulating and implementing the Action Plan are as fol▓lows:Pushing fo

rward the work in acco▓rdance with the

law and bringing China's human▓ rights work under the rule of law; pushin

g forward the work in a coordinated way, and promoting the comprehensive and c

oordinated development of the peop

le's various rights and interests; pushing fo▓rward the work in a pragm

atic way, and integrating universal principles on human rights with China's re

ghts protection.Based on experience gained in the ▓implementation of the first and second national human rights